Zycia Director, Tasha Jennings

Zycia means life, and is dedicated to supporting life in it’s earliest stages from fertility and preconception to pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Zycia was founded by Fertility Naturopath Tasha Jennings during her own fertility and pregnancy journey.

Tasha Jennings helps proactive women and couples optimise their fertility wellbeing to create healthy pregnancies and healthy babies.

Her 20 years of professional experience as a Naturopath and Nutritionist, combined with her personal experience overcoming fertility challenges, instilled her a strong empathy and desire to help women and couples facing fertility challenges.

Tasha’s background in product development in creating a home brand range for a large Pharmacy chain, instilled her with a deep understanding of the supplement market. Zycia was conceived as the supplement Tasha herself wanted to take, to help her conceive and carry her two beautiful children.

Tasha is the author of The Fertility Diet and The Vitamins Guide, host of the Conceive Baby Podcast, keynote speaker at medical conferences and expert contributor to major media publications including The Age, The Herald Sun, News.com.au and many more.

Tasha works closely with leading IVF clinics and specialists to help get the best outcomes for patients.

Tasha Jennings
Fertility Naturopath
Zycia Director

“Tasha Jennings is brilliant”

Director, Park Orchards Health and Well Being Clinic

For more information on how nutrition affects fertility, visit Conceive Baby.