Optimal pre and postnatal nutrition.

Zycia means life, and is dedicated to promoting and supporting life in its earliest stages. From preconception and pregnancy to breastfeeding and beyond.
The nourishing and the nurturing doesn’t start when your baby arrives, or even when you fall pregnant. It is in the 90 days before you conceive, that you are already nourishing the precious DNA which has the potential to become your future child.
Wherever you are at in your fertility and pregnancy journey, the nourishing and the nurturing starts now.

Zycia Natal Nutrients provides specific nutrients that are essential for general wellbeing of Mum and baby during pregnancy and while breastfeeding including two forms of folate, choline, iodine, zinc, vitamin D, vitamin B12 and more.


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Our body needs certain nutrients to thrive.  When bringing a new life into this world, getting these essential nutrients becomes even more important.
It is during the precious preconception period that your diet, lifestyle and nutrient intake can affect not only your chances of falling pregnant, but impact the lifelong health of your future child.  Getting a good supply of important prenatal nutrients prior to conceiveing is vital to creating and sustaining a healthy pregnancy.
During pregnancy, our demand for specific essential nutrients increases to fuel the healthy growth of your precious baby.  Then after birth, surprisingly breastfeeding is one of the most nutritionally demanding times in a woman’s life.
Based on the latest international research, Zycia Natal Nutrients has been created to provide the specific nutrients that are essential for the wellbeing of both mother and baby for reproductive health, pregnancy and breastfeeding.
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Nurturing life in its earliest stages, from conception and fertility to pregnancy, breastfeeding beyond.


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