Top tips to improve your chances of conception

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Top tips to improve your chances of conception

There are many factors involved in conception and the maintenance of a healthy pregnancy however the health of your body and your physical well-being are among the most important. For conception to occur, your body needs to be in a position where it can not only support your own health but also nurture a new life. To optimise your chances of conception you should start preparing your baby’s new home before it arrives!   We often spend months preparing and decorating the baby nursery in time for the new arrival, but the most important nursery your baby will ever have, is the one inside you.  A healthy diet supplemented with essential nutrients will not only support a healthy conception but help ensure plenty of nourishment is immediately available to nurture the new arrival during those vital first weeks.  Combined with the following lifestyle facots, you’ll be well on your way to optimising you chances of conceiving and carrying a healthy baby.

Decrease Stress

Stress has a huge impact on your ability to conceive. High stress levels can interfere with proper hormone function and affect ovulation. A certain level of stress is a part of daily life, but when trying to conceive it’s important to reduce the impact of high level stressors either by removing the source of the stress or finding ways to better deal with it, such as yoga, meditation and most importantly open channels of communication. Don’t bottle up your emotions. If negative emotions aren’t dealt with and let go, the negative energy they generate will be reflected internally.

Manage your weight

Being either underweight or overweight will affect your fertility. Being underweight can not only impair your ability to conceive but can affect the proper nourishment and development of your growing child. Being overweight can also delay conception as well as increasing the chances of pregnancy complications such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Keep your weight within a healthy range by exercising and eating well. If you aren’t at a healthy weight, now is the time to seek advice on how to help lose or gain weight so your body is ready to support new life.

Chart your cycles

Get to know your body. Tune in to the unique rhythm of your cycles. All of us have our own individual pattern when it comes to our menstrual cycles. For some, the pattern is that there’s no pattern at all! Whatever the case may be for you, tuning in to your body and learning when ovulation is occurring, will enable you to accurately pin point your unique fertile days. Our Personal Ovulation Chart or our unique FREE Ovulation iPhone Application can help you chart your cycles so you can learn to anticipate your most fertile days. This will not only increase your chances of conception but can also reduce the stress which can be associated with trying to conceive. By knowing you fertile days ahead of time you can plan that romantic night out or cosy evening in. This will help make conception the enjoyable experience that it should be.

Stop Smoking

Women have a 40% lower chance of getting pregnant if they smoke, according to a report published by the British Medical Association (BMA). The report also showed that smoking and passive smoking was also responsible for up to 5,000 miscarriages and 120,000 cases of male impotence in men aged between 30 and 50 every year. Therefore it’s highly recommended to quit smoking before trying to conceive.

Reduce Caffeine

Both caffeine and alcohol can impair chances of conception. A recent study showed that women who drink in excess of one cup of coffee per day are only half as likely to conceive as those who drink one cup or less per day. Women who drink more than 2-3 cups per day are nearly 5 times less likely to conceive compared to those who drink no coffee at all.

It’s recommended to keep caffeine intake under 200mg per day, which is equivalent to around 2 cups of coffee. It’s also important to remember that chocolate, hot chocolate and some soft drinks also contain caffeine.

Reduce Alcohol

Alcohol can effect the health of both the sperm and the ovum which can reduce your chances of conception. Alcohol intake in both males and females during the week of conception can also increase the risk of early pregnancy loss. To help promote conception, intake of alcoholic beverages should be kept under 4 glasses per week in both males and females. Alcohol should be avoided completely once conception has occurred.

These lifestyle factors supplemented with your Zycia Natal Nutrients daily, will help support conception and support the progression of a healthy pregnancy.  Good luck!

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