Top tips to improve the health of your eggs

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We hear and talk a lot about poor egg quality impacting our ability to conceive.

But what exactly is ‘poor egg quality’?  What makes your eggs ‘good’ or ‘poor’?

In fact there is no scientific measure of egg quality and what constitutes good or poor, this is simply a subjective measure and opinion. Unfortunately, it is true that the quality of our eggs unavoidably reduces as we age.

However the good news is that there are things we can do to nurture our eggs through the maturation process to produce the best quality eggs possible.

We may not have control over our biological clock but we do have control over the environment and nutrient rich environment in which our eggs develop.

See my top tips for improving the health of your eggs in my article on the Mouth of Mum’s website.  Tasha Jennings ND



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