Pregnancy and alcohol don’t mix!

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It’s been found that 60% of women drink whilst they’re pregnant, many without knowing, yet an alarming 1 in 5 continue to drink even when they know they’re pregnant!  There is much debate over how much is considered ok and how much will lead to permanent damage, however one fact is certain, any alcohol you consume during pregnancy will be passed on to your baby.  In Australia, drinking whilst pregnant is the number 1 cause of non genetic brain damage and 1300 babies have been born with the condition in the last 6 months.  A major review has called for warning labels to be put on a alcoholic beverages.  Currently around 90% of beer products carry the warning but only 10% of women’s most favoured drink, wine, carry the warning.  The Australian alcohol industry has until December this year to comply with mandatory labelling.

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