Guided relaxation and mind-body techniques to help enhance chances of conception

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In our busy lives often juggling home and work pressures we can spend more and more time in the ‘fight or flight’ mode of being.  This means our circulation and energy is being directed to our brain and muscles and away from our non-essential organs like reproduction.  Imagine that!  There is less blood flow and therefore less oxygen and essential nutrients to our reproductive organs.  For a woman this may translate to less than optimal development of endometrium, follicles and eggs and it may even hamper ovulation.  The effects of stress on the regulation of our hormones, blood sugar and adrenal functions are well established and this means that our reproduction is compromised.

A study of women who had been trying to conceive for 1 – 2 years showed that women who participated in mind-body therapy had a 42% incidence of spontaneous conception compared to only 11 – 20% without. (

Stress is so common and feels like such an everyday part of life that knowing its impacts can feel scary – especially when you are trying to conceive, and don’t know what to do about it.  Stress is something we can definitely have control over and we can implement tools to help us manage it more effectively.  The mind-body connection can be a key to unlocking fertility as well as improving mood, immune function and general wellbeing.

By guest author – Gina Fox, Naturopath

Gina foxGina Fox is a qualified as a Naturopath with over 11 years experience in practice and a personal interest in the area of fertility which led her to further studies where she gained an Advanced Certificate in Natural Fertility Management and she also completed the respected Natural Fertility course with midwife Kerry Hampton.   Gina is currently undertaking a post graduate Masters in Reproductive Medicine with UNSW and continues professional development through regular attendance at medical, nutritional and herbal seminars to keep up to date with the latest research available in women’s health and fertility.  She also supervises naturopathic students at Endeavour College of Natural Medicine and among other current writing projects, has contributed to the 3rd edition of a leading evidence based text book on herbs and supplements.  Gina is a member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society, Foresight Association & Fertility Society of Australia.

With her years of experience in fertility treatment, Gina has been instrumental in developing the ‘Be Fertile – Guided relaxations for your natural conception.’

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