Fertility Week 2nd – 8th September

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The 2nd to the 8th of September is Fertility Week.  In support of the 1 in 6 Australians struggling with fertility, here are some of our top tips which we’ll be adding to each day over the week so keep checking in!

Fertility Tip 1:

Do the hula! Ensuring good blood flow to the ovaries can help support fertility. So grabbing your childhood hula hoop and doing some spins each day can support blood flow to your reproductive area. For those a little less ‘hula’ inclined, tummy massage can also be effective.

Fertility Tip 2:

Did you know, once released from your ovary at ovulation, your egg lasts only 24 hours. Sperm must be present during this window to achieve conception. Text books will tell you ovulation occurs on day 14, however for many women this is not the case. Charting your cycles and knowing when your unique fertile window is, will optimise your chances of a successful conception. Use our tools and resources, including our convenient iPhone App to help chart your cycle today!

Fertility Tip 3:

There’s a myth that ‘storing up’ sperm will help achieve conception. Millions of sperm are produced every day so there’s no reason why you can’t have sex every day when trying to conceive. In fact older, stored sperm may hinder the new fresh sperm reaching the egg.

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